Sumatra Validates Commitment to Data Security with SOC 2 Certification

Sumatra is excited to announce we have completed our SOC 2® Type I audit. This milestone demonstrates our commitment to the highest level of security for the data and data teams using our self-service platform to build real-time machine learning solutions.

With customers in regulated industries, like financial services, and use cases that involve PII, like fraud prevention, it was critical to prioritize our SOC 2 certification early.

Greg Kuhlmann, CEO

Ensuring Security Best Practices from Day 1

From the beginning, one of Sumatra’s guiding principles has been to embed security and privacy controls into our organization and systems. Completing this certification validated that the policies and procedures we have in place position us well for future growth.

Some of the controls validated during the audit:

  • Role-based access control
  • Zero Trust security
  • Automated intrusion detection
  • Regular penetration testing

Keeping the SOC 2 Audit on Track

To capture and communicate our control practices and security framework, we partnered with Strike Graph. They guided us in documenting our risks, controls, and evidence to prepare for independent review and audit. While SOC 2 audits can be time-consuming, Strike Graph was able to keep the certification process moving forward by facilitating the penetration testing and auditing steps on our behalf.

Strike Graph gave us a framework to organize our security and governance practices for audit-ability and helped us communicate those practices to our customers to give them the peace of mind that we are protecting their data as rigorously as they are.

Lucas McGrew, CIO

What’s Next for Security at Sumatra?

Sumatra is already positioned to complete our SOC 2 Type II audit next year as we demonstrate ongoing adherence to our established policies and procedures. The Type II certification is further evidence to our new and existing customers that they can rely on the Sumatra platform for their most demanding real-time machine learning challenges.

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